Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day of the Dead Eve in Mexico City

Going to Mexico for the Day of the Dead, a holiday that occurs in Mexico on November 1 and 2 yearly, has been a dream of mine since my teen years. I learned about the holiday in high school and was enamored with the rich culture and colors it seemed to represent. Every year for literally the last 12 years has been the year I wished to go, but it seemed like it would never happen. My command of Spanish isn't amazing and worse, I couldn't find someone to go with.

2013 was a special and lucky year though, and in a matter of days a Mexico trip for the Day of the Dead came together and I didn't even do the planning as I was asked and the trip was planned while I was already abroad.

The above photos are from Day of the Dead Eve, which would be October 31 and our Halloween. There were some celebrations that day, like these alters in the city center (which seemed to be more their version of Christmas in the Park than anything), but the real celebration occurred over the course of the next two days. Photos from those two days will be coming to this blog in the next few...

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