Thursday, November 8, 2012


I've been asked before where I get the inspiration for the concepts for my shoots, and the cliche but truthful answer is really "everywhere around me." I can see how for some people creating concepts for photo shoots could be the hard part, but as I am a visual person, I'm always on the prowl for eye candy, if that makes sense. But besides beautiful clothing, pictures or scenery, personalities of people inspire me a lot as well, and I think that's where the concept of the muse comes in. My muses shift a lot, and I think that's fine. Sometimes they are people I know, sometimes they are people I think I kind of know, and sometime's it's just a picture of a girl from Tumblr. So without further delay, here are a few ladies who are currently inspiring me.

Cara Develinge. Kinda a big deal right now (really) the model world, Cara Develinge is beautiful but clearly such a character. The rumored girl friend of Harry from One Direction tweets back at her haters and has a t-shirt that has a screen printed photo of boobs on it. She's hilarious and kind of amazing.  
 90s Drew Barrymore. I honestly had no idea what an interesting badass Drew Barrymore was in the 90s until Madeline wrote a blog post about her. She was rad in a really unwholesome way.  
  This girl. Do I need to say anything else? I wish I knew who she is.

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