Saturday, October 13, 2012

Flashback: Self-Portraits

There was a time when I was really into doing self-portraits. Some of my biggest inspirations, like photographers Lara Jade and Zhang Jingna, who were not only amazing fashion photographers, but also seasoned self-portrait artists. A lot of Instagram "self-portraits+ really vex me. I suppose a self-portrait can be any photo you take of yourself, but I love people who put some serious effort into it, such as this lady and Diana Pinto. It really is an art.

 But I never set out to be a self-portrait artist. The biggest push to start was my year in Egypt, where I had no subjects, no makeup artists, no stylists, and no locations to do fashion photo shoots. I wanted to keep shooting, so I had to became my own model, my own makeup artist (and I'm horrible with makeup), my own stylist. My only location was my apartment.

I kept it up a little bit when I got home. Sometimes it would just be a moment where I had an extreme urge to shoot something. Sometimes I would just be trying to test out new equipment, or a new method. But I think a lot of them were subconscious attempts to document milestones in my life or feelings.

Anyway, starting with the more recent to the oldest, here's a little collection of some of my self-portraits over the last five or so years.

Not quite a self-portrait, but in case you're wondering, here's what I look like these days. This is my favorite dress and my favorite lipstick. And pretty much my favorite hair-do ever...for now.

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