Monday, August 6, 2012

Seek a Space

I have moments when I look at my own book and don't like everything I've ever done. I look at what I've done over the last four years and feel frustrated - what am I not better than this? When will I get there, or there, or there? I look to people like Joseph Tran, Jason Lee Perry, Harper Smith, Lara Jade, Connie Wang, and Zhang Jingna for inspiration, and while they do inspire me, looking at how far along the path behind them I am is absolutely terrifying and often overwhelming.

But a reminder to myself and to you - this feeling is natural. And when I look at my book again, hey, my work's not too shabby. There will always be places to go, work to aspire to, and people to admire. There must be. Because if you've lost the ability to self-critic, to feel scared, to feel overwhelmed,  even to feel inadequate...then you should know that you've lost the ability to grow - to learn.

Seek a space to breathe. Relax then restart.


Raspberry Blonde said...

beautiful picture! that's great advice btw, and looking at this, I don't think your work's shabby at all ;-)

Sarah said...

Thank you on both accounts :)