Friday, June 8, 2012

Alwyn Lansing in "First Rite"

Model: Alwyn Lansing with Stars Model Management 
Styling: Paula Renee 
Makeup and hair: De Linda Artistry 
Photography, concept, editing: Me 

Finally! I have been holding this shoot from the public for over six months and I am pleased to finally be able to show them to you. While being dropped from a certain magazine that will remain unnamed was not ideal, I'm proud of this set and now, I'm just happy to not have to keep it unpublished. What a pleasure shooting with Alwyn was! This shoot came out exactly as I imagined it, and for a photographer, that might just be the most rewarding feeling in the world. Alwyn is such a unique beauty and bubbly personality - it's amazing to me how much she nailed the mood and look considering she's a girl who likes the movie Mean Girls and likes the color pink. Hope I can shoot with her again some day...though her recent success on the show Scouted may make that kind of difficult.


Eat.Style.Play said...

Wow, you have a good Eye for photography. I love all of these! I wish someone would teach me how to do this!

Sister Couture said...

these are beautiful pictures! btw i love your blog & followed! do you think you could give me some tips on my blog and maybe follow? would love my blog to be as good as yours :)x