Sunday, January 8, 2012

Break the Rules to Make the Rules

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Model: Emmalee with JE Model, MU and Hair by De Linda Artistry, Concept and photo by me

Some people may think these photos are improperly lit, but I say to hell with the rules. I am the artist, and I will make my own. The truth is, when it comes to art, you only learn the rules so that you can properly break them afterwards. This isn't a chem lab.
I was stoked that my makeup artist and model were so on board with the idea even as we looked over our photos at the end of the shoot. I love the way they came out - in my head there's something a little alluringly dark about them. Part two of the shoot is coming soon...Katie and Nikki, if you guys are reading this, don't worry, there are plenty of more normal, lovely headshots of Emmalee that I will be posting and sending to you :)

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