Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cailin Hill by Jeff Bark

Via Fashion Gone Rogue...Cailin Hill by Jeff Bark for Bullet

Central Park Through a Plastic Lens

Walking through Central Park was probably my second favorite part of my NYC trip. Totally my accident I ended up doing it twice in one day, first by myself in the morning and then again with my friend Eyad in the evening. It was beautiful both times, but of course I enjoyed it a little bit more with a friend.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lincoln Center

So here they are, ladies and gents, all three photos I took at fashion week. Late? Yes. I had some difficulty getting this roll of film developed which put me back a few weeks. I wish I had taken more photos and got them developed faster...but let me tell you: The space outside Lincoln Center is pure, absolute madness.

Oh, oh! Also crazy story! A year or so ago I became familiar with the online store Filthy Magic through the store's account on Model Mayhem. I loved the styling and wished the person behind it was nearer, and I also wanted some shoes from it, which didn't end up working out. In the aftermath of my trip, I realized Ria, who I met at Lucky FABB and then ran into in front of Lincoln Center, is the owner. Total weirdness.

Christine, Sabla, and Ria

I don't know who this dude was but I'm diggin' the hair-matching-shoes look. Swag.

Okay, so this was the funniest occurrence to me. These two models walk outside of Lincoln Center and one photog gets them to start posing with the reflector. Then all the photographers there...no really, all of them, start photographing her too. Notice the typical "model face" that the girl is giving them. Obviously she's a model, right? The funny thing #1 is that somewhere in the middle the original photog asked her name (it was Gabriel), meaning beforehand he didn't know who she was #2 I wouldn't event request this girl if I saw her on one of my agency websites. Yawn boring #3 We're a funny breed and industry aren't we?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011


Spent last week in New York. As my first trip ever to the big apple, I have to admit it was pretty substantial in size. I spent a lot of time getting lost even though I have the wonderful HopSpot in my pocket. I had the chance to go to the Lucky Magazine FABB conference, and I also did some site-seeing. You won't believe how lovely Coney Island is in the morning before anyone is really there (photos shortly). I also went to the Lincoln Center and briefly mingled with Fashion week. The style bloggers pretty much attacked me, which was awesome. Until next time, NY. Luff you. You'll see me again soon.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Behind the Scenes with Bryce

A few behind the scenes shots with my favorite stylist Ashley and model Bryce Jamison with JE. Bryce always looks so graceful when he is in the process of putting his hair into a ponytail haha.

Did I mention I'm off to NY on Tuesday?