Monday, February 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes Stuff...

My stylist, Ashley, and her rack that goes everywhere

Brianna getting fixed up, second look.

Ashley explaining the outfits to me...after the shoot was over

Making energy for the day's shoot

One of my favorite models, Alex (Look/Next) getting her make up done by the lovely Noel.

Alex looks through the day's outfits

Our perfect location

Alex getting fixed up by Ashley and we're good to go!

Right before our mandatory post-shoot dinner. Yum, nachos! Noel and Ashley, my lovely make up artist and Stylist

Shooting the What's Golden spread. On the left, assistant stylist Aleksa and right, Noel, my make up artist behind the brilliant pink lips

It was my first time shoot with Ashley (left), my fabulous stylist. Glad I found her! And Aleksa doubles as shoot comic relief

Fourth look, Ashley getting Nekole (City) ready

Last look - Noel Fixing up Nekole for our last look

From another unposted shoot, stylist Chesley and make up artist Janet fix up Ellen (City)

In case you didn't know, models eat! Snacking while changing hair

She was one of the cutest models I've ever worked with. It was a pleasure, Ellen!

I have a couple shoots right now that I've had to hold off on posting for now, but I just wanted to share some behind the scenes pictures so you guys know I haven't stopped shooting! I have some good stuff planned for 2011 and am looking forward to its surprises as well - I also just shot Taylor Sterling for the Glitter Guide so look out for that! I also have some great editorial ideas being planned out for March.

Sunday, February 20, 2011







I spent the day with my friend Michelle today, clicking away between conversation. She usually does the make up for my models. Today we both had this artistic itch but we had no Michelle did make up AND modeled. She's pretty good huh? We've been working together since May so we know each other pretty well - which allowed for some natural, fun portraits.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011




I did a brief test shoot with Taylor with Ford SF last Sunday, make up and hair by Aliya Qazi. I love how little time it takes to do men's make up. The shoot and make up just a little over an hour. It was part digital, part film, all fun. I wanted Taylor to look a little edgy, a little myterious, a little messy...but really he's just a nice high school kid who happens to be 6'1". Thanks again!




Monday, February 14, 2011

Jesus Don't Want Me For a Sunbeam

Kurt Cobain's house

Hanging out in front of Kurt's house may he rest in peace...

Hanging out in front of Kurt's house may he rest in peace...

It is said Courtney Love poured some of Kurt's ashes on this beach. It's now a memorial for him and people all over the world leave him notes, stickers and cigarettes. I sat on it and thought about him. Does that count?

Cigs for Kurt

Leaving Seattle for the day to explore an abandoned army bunker at Port Townscend...

My never before posted photos from my trip to Seattle last October. Talk about late...but then again I'm not sure how interested people are in my personal photos. I went to visit my good friends Sacha and Matt and met their friends Kyle and Byran (and we quickly became friends). It was my second time going to Seattle so there wasn't a lot of tourism needed. To be honest, I am a fairly low-maintenance guest. I just want to be somewhere new, experience that place and be with my friends. Space needles and fish markets don't interest me, just hanging with Sacha, Matt, Kyle and Bryan. To be fair I did a lot more with them but don't have photos of them. We went to the scariest haunted house I've ever been to in my life and saw a real life antique herst in a grocery store (as part of the halloween decorations). Most of the above photos are actually not from Seattle itself, but at Port Townscend, in a regional park there with a seriously creepy abandoned army bunker in it. The photos are all film, which means I wasn't able to get any photos in the bunker since it wasn't very well lit. My only tourist-y demand for Sacha was that i wanted to see Kurt Cobain's house as Nirvana is my favorite band. We went there and lounged on the nearby grass in Kurt's memory.

Hopefully, I will be going back to Seattle to visit Sacha, Matt, Kyle and Bryan within the coming months. Can't wait to make some new memories...

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Stars Align

Preview from a shoot back in December with three of my favorite people.

You may remember my extraordinary stylist Ashley and make up artist Noel from my What's Golden shoot. The day after Christmas, we got together and did it again, this time with the very beautiful Alex with Look/Next, one of my new favorite models. This is one of my favorites from the shoot...I love the soft blur around her hair and the angle. It's also one of Alex's least favorites haha. Funny how that happens. Anyway...hopefully, I can post this shoot for you guys soon.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Page and Deavon

Two tests last weekend with two girls I really like, both from the latest Modcloth campaign. Page Ruth (you might have caught her on and I got together for a night time editorial, but before that we did a quick, natural head shot session. I love her roundish face, dolly looks and platinum blond hair. Heart heart heart!

I also worked with the cutest little model, Deavon with JE, for a brief test – lovely girl, lovely eyes, and I love her teeth. I told her to be herself, and I got a smiley, giggly goofball.