Monday, September 12, 2011


Spent last week in New York. As my first trip ever to the big apple, I have to admit it was pretty substantial in size. I spent a lot of time getting lost even though I have the wonderful HopSpot in my pocket. I had the chance to go to the Lucky Magazine FABB conference, and I also did some site-seeing. You won't believe how lovely Coney Island is in the morning before anyone is really there (photos shortly). I also went to the Lincoln Center and briefly mingled with Fashion week. The style bloggers pretty much attacked me, which was awesome. Until next time, NY. Luff you. You'll see me again soon.


Ria said...

It's my feet! Haha. In other news, I don't remember meeting you and getting your card but I know that we've talked online before via my webstore's account @filthymagic. Such a hella small world.

Sarah said...

I know right! I realized yday that you run filthy magic and I was like wait, we've totally talked before!

Laura Hunter-Thomas said...

Awesome! Would have killed to have gone to NYFW! :)

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Laura x