Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Girl that Glitters

A little over a week ago, a much talked about shoot with Ms. Taylor Sterling of Sterling Style finally came to be, a shoot for the upcoming Glitter Guide. Taylor and I spent a couple weeks talking about the shoot, and she had endless amounts of cute inspirational photos, her favorite being a particular Kate Spade ad. I felt like I understood her idea quite well. My girl Michelle of De Linda Artistry did makeup as we pretty outside of the Bookshop in Hayward (yes that's it's name - big thanks to the owner, Carl!). Michelle and I loved working with Taylor - she's incredibly sweet, stylish, and down to earth. As a model, she was really easy to work with and took direction really well! Of course, I am working on editing the photos Taylor needs and look forward to seeing them on the Glitter Guide!

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