Monday, February 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes Stuff...

My stylist, Ashley, and her rack that goes everywhere

Brianna getting fixed up, second look.

Ashley explaining the outfits to me...after the shoot was over

Making energy for the day's shoot

One of my favorite models, Alex (Look/Next) getting her make up done by the lovely Noel.

Alex looks through the day's outfits

Our perfect location

Alex getting fixed up by Ashley and we're good to go!

Right before our mandatory post-shoot dinner. Yum, nachos! Noel and Ashley, my lovely make up artist and Stylist

Shooting the What's Golden spread. On the left, assistant stylist Aleksa and right, Noel, my make up artist behind the brilliant pink lips

It was my first time shoot with Ashley (left), my fabulous stylist. Glad I found her! And Aleksa doubles as shoot comic relief

Fourth look, Ashley getting Nekole (City) ready

Last look - Noel Fixing up Nekole for our last look

From another unposted shoot, stylist Chesley and make up artist Janet fix up Ellen (City)

In case you didn't know, models eat! Snacking while changing hair

She was one of the cutest models I've ever worked with. It was a pleasure, Ellen!

I have a couple shoots right now that I've had to hold off on posting for now, but I just wanted to share some behind the scenes pictures so you guys know I haven't stopped shooting! I have some good stuff planned for 2011 and am looking forward to its surprises as well - I also just shot Taylor Sterling for the Glitter Guide so look out for that! I also have some great editorial ideas being planned out for March.

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