Friday, January 29, 2010

When Grunge Comes Back, I Will Be Ready

I think the idea of "grunge fashion" would have Kurt Cobain rolling in his grave - it's such an oxymoron. So whatever you want to call it, let me tell you lately, I've been fucking loving it. As styling as well as a photography artform. I dream of a shoot that marries My So-Called Life Styling and Nirvana - stripes, plaid, combat boots, shortalls, crazy earrings, ripped jeans and shorts, studs, and just plain dirtyyyyy. I'm sorry Cobain. I do it because I really love and miss you! <3 I really, really, really miss you!

calendar girl stay alive

I don't think I mentioned this, but I recently started an online graphic design class in order to learn how to better edit my photos and overall learn how to do some more cool stuff to them. The last few assignments were pretty boring, but we finally got to the assignment about color - as you may imagine, I got excited. We had to make a calendar using one image with various different coloring effects. I decided to use a picture I took of Nicole from back in November. I think it came out pretty neat and I like the effects I achieved. I am learning!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Play Favorites

Beauty on Beauty

Beauty On Beauty/

Beauty On Beauty

I have added a new model to my favs! Miss Nicole came down from SoCal for the weekend and we planned a little beauty shoot with the wonderful Amburlee. This was a little different for me since I don't do a lot of beauty. We did a little natural look and then a more creative look before we had to finish early as Nikkie and I had other commitments for the evening. Regardless, Nikkie was a blast and is so, so pretty! She's half Chinese and half Irish - did I ever tell you guys that I love happas? All of these shots are on my website as well only larger. Let me tell you that they look absolutely glorious bigger.

We got a little silly too. I love these - these are unedited by the way.

Also, I'm kinda obsessed with this Nasty Gal video right now. I love the sweatshirt, I love the model, I love the music. This makes me want to start making videos.

Friday, January 22, 2010

fake feadlines


Did some minor changes to the blog layout - hopefully this provides for posting larger photos in this blog...seeing as it is a photography blog and all. More stuff coming soon. Expect fresh faces and awesome.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I now have business cards :)

These are just samples. More photos and a better design coming soon.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pearls and Neon

Let me preface this by saying I am fucking exhausted and have a million things to do before going to bed. I'm doing another crazy-rebellious-teenager shoot tomorrow with a model coming from LA named Johanna and my main MUA Sarah. I need to finish taping shoes and organizing outfits. Oh, and I want to watch another episode of freaks and geeks before bed too. Just another current obsession. James Franco is hot.

This morning I woke up super early because my friend Samihah and I were doing a day trip to the city as we often do. Samihah is an early bird she she was talking about meeting at the BART station at 8:00. I told her she was a nutso and bargained her up to 9:30 - so it was a huge surprise to me when she texted me at 9:26 telling me she overslept. I had just arrived at the BART station and missed my SF BART because I had to call her and scold her, and then I had to tell her I hated her (read: she's my former roommate, and I actually lurveeee her).

I got to SF and had a cup of coffee at my favorite cafe in Union Square before heading to H&M and buying myself a tacky floral print shirt (it's so wrong yet so right!) and a harness. I know these two things don't really go together. Go with it - I am an eclectic dresser. Besides jewelry for me = jewelry for photoshoots. On the other hand, a harness and brightly color combat boots might just be the only two things I don't think I can pull off. I bought these babies for my models yesterday. I just was drooling all over I got four.

Anyway, when Samihah finally got there we headed to Crossroads on Irving Street. Enid, the Online Marketing Operations Assistant for Crossroads, was nice enough to invite me to a store event, and I was invited as a member of the blogging press. I used to be a journalist, so it kinda felt good to be a part of the "press" again haha. Samihah and I got off the N muni and met a few other event goers getting off the muni too. It was awesome meeting Liz of Pop Culture Afternoon and Aimee of Song of Style. And yes, both are equally as stylish in real-life as they are on their blogs. I also finally met Enid and she is just as awesome as she is stylish and techy (Samihah is a tech-nerd so she enjoyed this). Samihah ended up buying an awesome gold ring. I found a pearl and neon necklace and instantly feel in love. Samihah looked on disapprovingly.

I also found an awesome black waist belt that had a little pouch attached to it - it was the perfect marriage of a fanny pack and a belt. I am so excited over it. Samihah was again disgusted. Enid thought this all amusing. Sorry, this pic is a little blurry:

Meanwhile, Samihah was posting the whole event on clixtr. In addition, Crossroads had got me a little goodie bag! I knew about this because Enid said this would be provided, but I was pretty stoked to find some cool gear it - a crossroads bag (I used to to carry everything I bought for the day), a cute t-shirt (that I will wear to the gym as opposed to by brother's old t-shirts), a photobook, a $10 gift certificate and two cute necklaces. The necklaces are below, and gift card went towards the items above.

They also bribed me with snacks:

i tried to take some pictures of the event but I made the mistake of bringing my holga instead of my digital camera. It wasn't very bright, so I will cross my fingers that they come out. I still need to finish the rest of the exposures and then I need to go to the center in Hayward to develop them.

After crossroads, we went to Marina and ate some delicious cup cakes at That Takes the Cake. We had to pass through the fillmore to get there and I kept trying to convince samihah that we should get off there - definitely much more my scene than Marina. Afterwards we had some more coffee, and I allowed Samihah to drag me through more shopping even though I was exhausted.

I have a shoot meet-up tomorrow at 2:30. I'm exhausted and i have busted my ass on the styling. Here's to hoping it doesn't rain...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Year

I know the new year passed a while ago but Happy New Years anyway :). I went on a photoadventure with my friend Israa at Coyote Hills Park. We have a good time walking around and taking pictures of the scenery, even though that's not quite my thing. I noticed I haven't taken a self-portrait in a long time. This photo Israa snapped of me should serve as an update of my "look." I look the same of course.

At night, I went to go visit my friends Mo and Edina. We had a lovely evening with and watched the fireworks from the embarcadero in San Francisco. I love fireworks! We also got some great desserts from North Beach (the old Italian Quarters of San Francisco)

Today I went out with a few friends to the city. We went to the mission district and kinda window shopped on valencia street. We stopped by a bookstore, a bunch of clothing and furniture stores, and best of all a pirate dear shop owned by Dave Eggers. In the window was the costume that max wore in Where the Wild Things Are! I haven't seen the movie but I have been kind of obsessed with it anyway, especially considering all the cool and somewhat freakish fashion photography that has come out of it.

In the bookstore I stumbled upon a Richard Avedon book and am now loving this portrait he did of Malcolm X - I had never seen it before!

On a side note, I've almost completed my styling for my next shoot and I am totally pooped. Six changes - more than I have ever done before, and trying to find colorful clothing in the winter is SUCH a pain. This is the mess I made. I've now put them together as outfits but this is just after I bought everything so I spread them out to see what I really want to use and what i don't, as well as how I want to put them together.

Speaking of styling, I'm now totally coveting these shoes for my girls. Believe it or not, they're by Jessica Simpon. yeah, I don't know how it happened either.

Oh, and did I tell you one of my photos from my shoot with Nikki is now the main image on

Lastly, I'm totally thrilled at UO did a little post on My So-Called Life. They recognize genius. Now go watch the show.