Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lee Love and the Great Crossroads Photo Contest

Last year, I missed out on the Crossroads photo contest, but this year I'm marking my effing calendar, okay? I guess it's all for the better though - I wouldn't have stood a chance against first place winner, Jason Lee Parry, who just happens to be one of my favorite photographers. His works have been a huge inspiration to me. This infamous photo was the winning shot. How amazing is model Jenny? Parry is on my very small list of "inspired individuals."

It's neat - from reading the 2009 winners' bios, I found out he used to photograph his skater friends, and that's how this grand photography adventure started for him. I used to love skater boys when I was about 18 (who am I kidding, I still do). It's always fascinated me that so many skater guys are also into art? I mean, it's amazing, but what is the connection? I'd seriously like to know.

Here are a few more of Parry's shots that I just love. Me and Lindsay are just falling all over these:

An honorable mention also went to Derek Wood, who I discovered when Enid from Crossroads gave me a little glossy book of all of last year's winners. Needless to say, I'm a fan. Another skater turned photog!

I want to be the next Jason Lee Parry! If you're with it and into it, Crossroads is having another photo contest (they've been doing it every year for what will be 17 years!). I think the info will be up on the Crossroads Website in a few weeks, but now you know from me! Gina from Crossroads was kind enough to e-mail me a heads up. See you at the finish line? Maybe? Hopefully?


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Crossroads Trading Company said...

Thanks for the amazing post, Sarah! And thanks for sharing some other pictures of Jason Lee Parry - I love the first one!

Can't wait to see your submissions for the contest, girl. Cover material for next year's photo book? ;D