Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You've Come a Long Way!

As the year is wrapping up, it's nice to look back and see what I've accomplished this year as well as what I learned.

I started off this year with a resolution to get paid for photography. On the first of the year I got my first "gig," which was canceled when the client decided to stop returning my phone calls. I haven't got anything since then. I've discovered that I need to focus more on the business side of photography as well as the artistic side. I'm not craved money - I just want to see this thing develop into a career for me so I don't have to keep my shoots for Sundays.

I finally made a twitter! Follow me! I am still getting the hang of it.

I had a shoot on Sunday with model Chesley. She was the first model I ever shot with a few years ago. I was the first photographer she ever shot with. She's now with an agency and both of us have developed a lot of skills we didn't have. It was fun shooting with her and reminiscing on our first shoot. Here are some shots I like from the shoot. There are more on my flickr. Click to see these larger.

It was planned all under a week. The styling was a joint venture between myself and Chesley, and I went and bought my portion of the clothing the day before the shoot - some of it I had had on hand and was just waiting for a shoot to use the stuff, like the nerdy glasses. Don't you love the flamingo shirt?

This is Chesley's old shoot in case you guys don't remember her...

car lot lovers

Anyway, this year I resolve to make this my career or at least make some serious steps to make it my career. I resolve not to clusterfuck myself with a group of friends ever again. I resolve to protect my little heart from douchebags even more. I resolve to live out loud. More.

I figured I'd end this post with some good shots from 2009 from me. Here's to much more experimentation and fun in 2010...

Just Shoot 02

Lux for Life 01

Opening Pandora's Box

They Only Want You When You're 17

Dumb Kids with Fancy Cameras

Earl Grey

Denimology 02

Wake Up Early

Happy New Years and much luck for a successful 2010...

Monday, December 21, 2009

So Now You've Got A Camera...

Congrats! You have a camera! Unfortunately, photography doesn't stop there. I know a lot of photographers harp on this a lot so forgive me for doing it again. There just seems to be some confusion - having a camera doesn't make you any more a photographer than having pots makes you a cook or having paint makes you an artist. Besides a camera, here are a few things every photog needs to make art, exclusively if you want to go into fashion.

  1. The Vision - So this may sound lame, but creating lovely art through photography requires an idea, a way of seeing the photo, feeling the photo. Even if you're not going into fashion (which requires concepts if you're doing an ad or editorial spread), you need to be able to frame a photo in your mind. You need to be able to look at some inanimate object or person on the street and see something beautiful waiting to happen.
  2. Styling - A lot of photographers, especially if they're men and have no clue about women's clothing, just let the model bring clothing until they find a stylist to work with. I styled my first shoot and continued to do it until I found stylists. Poor styling can make or break a photo...I'm sure you can imagine a beautiful photo of a woman wearing an ill-fitting dress from forever 21 and ugg boots. Even if your photos are lovely and the concept strong, you won't go far in fashion photography if you can't provide the model with clothing. It's always obvious when the model is wearing their own clothing. If you can't get a stylist, do the styling yourself! Hell, borrow your friends clothing, buy from thrift shops or do the good old buy and return! You don't want to ruin a lovely photo due to bad wardrobe choices.
  3. A Good Team - Building on my last point, a good team is EXTREMELY important to create stunning fashion images. This includes hair, make up and clothing. While I would say the stylist is the most important (and due to this, the stylist is always the hardest to get), make up and hair are also important. Without all these factors it may be hard to achieve whatever you have envisioned. It's not just about having talented teammates either - it's also important that the team gets along and is on the same wavelength when working on a project. I'm very fortunate to have two get MUAs on my team, Sarah Dean and Amburle (who also does hair). My stylists always seem to be changing but I am working on that!
  4. Equipment - I've never been a super equipment-oriented photographer, but there is an extent that equipment is necessary. I learned this the hard way when I tried to do a beauty shoot with just a desklamp (didn't go as bad as that sounds, but needless to say it wasn't awesome). I also could have never done my latest night shoot with nikki if it weren't for a speedlight I bought off amazon for $50. Granted, I don't say buy the most expensive stuff off the bat, but I will admit that sometimes you do need that extraneous crap.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I like you.

Various recent inspiration in various forms. All current.

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micro is alive, originally uploaded by MIcaelP.

Clothing and Accessories:

sam edelman joss boot

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I finally made the leap and purchased a new camera...just as I said I would, I ended up buying the Pentax K-x. So far so good! I am totally loving it! It's a durable build and has quite a few functions my old camera didn't have. So far I am enjoying it's high ISO options and multiple exposure feature. And in case you're wondering, I just got the plain old black :P

Here are a few photos I took using the multiple exposure feature. I'm totally loving it.

I also did a few fashion shoots in November...one of which was done with my new camera, the other two with my old camera.

I continued my shoot with Lauren, Amburlee and a new stylist named Courtney. The series is called Lux for Life and I think the new photos worked very well with the previous shoot's photos. More on my flickr. This was with my old camera. I could have really used the high iso option for this shoot but oh well!

I also did a shoot with an unsigned model named Brianna. This was a shoot for www.thrifted.net and was styled by the owner, Lindsay, who is super cool. I went to meet Lindsay the day before the shoot to see what kind of clothing we'd be using and I got super excited. She knows her stuff. I provided some jewelry. Sarah Dean did make up for me again. Brianna came all the way from Sac for our shoot with involved some silly/cute minnie mouse ears. She moved like a dream! Coincidentally, we all loved the photos. Unfortunately, our shoot got rained on after change #4 and we decided to try and finish up in January. I want at least 6 changes to this shoot.

Again, there are more on my flickr. This was a lighting test that I ended up loving. She was yawning or talking or something.

Annnnnd here are some behind the scenes shots. Poor Brianna was so cold! She was wearing shorts and dance leotards and it was cooooold outside! Good thing she brought a fuzzy pick robe!

My latest shoot was a night shoot with a model named Nicole from City Model Management. This shoot was for www.thrifted.net as well and Lindsay styled it, Sarah Dean did make up. I had been wanting to do a fashion shoot at night for so long! It was sort of experimental but I definitely got the teenage rebel images I was going for. The shopping cart shorts were my favorites! This was the shoot done on my new camera. Again, much, much more on my flickr.

Sorry for being so MIA for all of November.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cat Power

I love her. I love her music...but I also love, love, love her photos. I've been wanting to do some musician photos for a while but I am sort of scared. I've become so comfortable with fashion that trying something outside of it makes me feel so amateur again. Maybe someday...someday soon. At least one of these is by the amazing wendy lynch. I think I have blogged about her amazing band/musician photos before.

And here are some yotube videos. She's like a female Bob Dylan. I love her style, I love her voice, I love her hair. I just want to live in her skin and BE her she's so amazing. Can you believe she's 37??

I'd also love to get into shooting live music one day. This photo of Alice Glass during a live show is my favorite live music shot ever. Definitely captures the mood/energy of the crowd during Crystal Castles' shows.

Crystal Castles Crowd, originally uploaded by Jack Jeffries.