Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love for A. Olsen!

I have definitely said this before, but I will say it again: I love, love, love the Olsen twins. It's weird and unexpected from somehow like me (for any of you who know me), but I find them so hard NOT to love. They're adorable, they're so, so stylish, they're pretty, and I practically grew up with them while watching full house as a kid!

Pictures of the Olsen twins always come out so beautiful and inspiring. So I am posting a few photos from Nylon Magazine in 2006 that really inspired me. I don't know why I didn't post them before.

I also stumbled upon this lovely picture of Ashley from Bazaar magazine (and you all know how I feel about bazaar!).

Also, it looks like my upcoming shoot with jessica has been postponed again :(

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Spring Thing

In light of yesterday's entry, I think it is safe to say my muse to back, hopefully for good. My shoot with Brooke went really well - she is beautiful and wasn't all stiff. Overall, a pretty good model - her look also fit the concept pretty well. I may end up shooting with her again at some point.

She brought her little brother to the shoot to hold the reflector which was super nice of both of them, even though we didn't end up using the reflector much because the light was pretty good. The most eventful thing was a little homeless man that came to us and offered us some flowers for the shoot. Brooke and I thought he was trying to sell them so we declined. He then threw the flower in then stormed away. We kinda of felt bad...in fact I still feel bad. Maybe he was just being nice and wanted to give us flowers!

Here are the some photos of Brooke's brother holding the reflector while we don't need it and the homeless man storming away!

We also saw this creepy thing next to the fence we were shooting at. Creepy! I kicked it away so it wouldn't be in the photos.

Brooke and I had a nice tome picking out the clothes. Normally I do all the of the styling for my shoots, but Brooke brought a bunch of clothes so we had some options. She ended up wearing an Etam Bathing suit tucked into her own shorts with some my naturalizer wedges and my red 70s balenciaga sunglasses. For the second change she wore her own onesie, my calvin klein platforms, my vintage raybans and a vintage bird necklace.

The pinwheel thing was an idea I had and I have decided this will be a three part series called "A Spring Thing." Three girls, three spring-y locations, three pinwheels. Part two with model Jessica was supposed to be today but poor Jessica had a really high fever last night so we canceled.

Lastly, here are yesterday's best shots:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let Them Eat Juicy

I speak completely honestly when I say I am not a fan of Juicy clothing. But their advertising campaigns always strike my fancy...the bright colors and the brighter concepts. Who comes up with this stuff?

On another note about styling, I have to say I really love boyfriend jeans. I have owned a pair purchased from express for about 6 years, and even as they fray and rip more and more, i completely love them. This photo is from teen vogue, august 2008 and is part of an editorial spread called "cool cat." These particular jeans are by Alexander Wang (surprised much?).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the reading list

When I am looking for inspiration for my photos, I tend to find it all around me - even in things I may be living next to or with, and have been for years. However, a more obvious dose of inspiration comes in the mail every month as I have a subscription to Harper's Bazaar (which in my opinion is a much higher quality magazine than most of its competitors). Here are a few scans from 2008 that really caught my eye as excellent fashion photographs. I wasn't the one who scanned these so kudos to the person who did.

September 2008:

June 2008:

May 2008:

also, this particular portrait of nicole ritchie from decemeber 2005 (as seen in Seventeen Magazine) caught my eye as well.

I'm finally getting of my hiatus (for real now!). I have a shoot on Friday and another on Saturday. I am super stoked! I guess I needed this break to rethink my work and reinvent myself. These two upcoming ones are more casual, more urban outfitters catalog/teen vogue/nylon than my other fashion work, but I decided that I wanted to get my foot back into photography with a few casual shoots, and I really want to make sure my work remains varied. I'll be shooting with model Brooke on Friday and model Jessica on Saturday. Hopefully all goes well!

On that note, here are a few teen vogue scans that I like. I love high fashion photography and that is ultimately where I want to go, but I'd also love to do hip teen magazine spreads for a little while and maybe even catalog, assuming it is the catalog of a cool store or brand.

I also bought a new lens on Sunday which should help improve my fashion photos greatly. It's nothing fancy, just the kit lens for my canon 350d. When I purchased it I bought it with the body only, no lens, and I have been using the kit lens for my canon rebel 35mm for it...but I realized after each of my fashion shoots that I needed something a little wider. I'm am quite pleased overall and hopefully I'll get some great shots this weekend. We're working sans MUA so I am not obligated to take beauty shots and hopefully this will allow me to focus on the clothing a bit more.

I also have two editorial shoots coming up...but they are both much more in the air than these. I'll clue you in as we gear up to shoot!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Waking Up! I have been taking some self-portraits lately, and that is always an indicator of how inspired I am feeling...which is good because I have a shoot with a model named Jessica on Sunday should the weather permit!

New self-portraits:

Friday, March 6, 2009

I've been Fakin'

like I'm busy (which I am), but I'm also uninspired.

I finally got my Mac Mini. In an attempt to save some cash I got a photoshop version from a friend, and it turns out is is CS1...not that different from the newest ones but there are little things in it that just kind of make it annoying. One day, I hope, I'll have enough for CS4. Overall, my new computer has been treating me well, even though the nature of the little thing means I can't move around a lot which kinda sucks.

I finally bought my portfolio, which is cool, but I don't feel like there are enough good photos to fill it up yet. I am in the early stages of planning four shoots...wish me luck. There are two simple, back to basics shoots and two of my more normal overstylized trying-for-high-fashion shoots.

I'm trying to forget what I know, start from the beginning, and let it all flow. That's where my shoots with new model Jessica and newer model Brooke come in. Less style, less make-up, less fashion, more photography, more model. And that's it. None of the shoots have any dates yet, it all depends on the schedules and weather, so we'll see. I was planning a shoot with my MUA bud Jonathan, budding talented stylist Rebecca, and this amazing model named Nicole, but nicole backed out, which sucks because Jonathan and Rebecca are way excited. I'm trying to find a replacement, I've narrowed it down to two models. So we'll see.

The last shoot is the one that is most far away (in distance and time), a high-fashion 20s military inspired shoot with Stylist Black Plastica. We've pretty much settled on a model, but the stylist thinks it would be great to shoot on treasure Island. I have never been there, don't know how to get there, and as you know, hate driving. So this is a problem, but not only would I have to get there for the shoot, I'd also have to go a little earlier and scope out the location. Ugh. We'll see. I can't wait until I have enough resources to get a location scout!