Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You've Come a Long Way!

As the year is wrapping up, it's nice to look back and see what I've accomplished this year as well as what I learned.

I started off this year with a resolution to get paid for photography. On the first of the year I got my first "gig," which was canceled when the client decided to stop returning my phone calls. I haven't got anything since then. I've discovered that I need to focus more on the business side of photography as well as the artistic side. I'm not craved money - I just want to see this thing develop into a career for me so I don't have to keep my shoots for Sundays.

I finally made a twitter! Follow me! I am still getting the hang of it.

I had a shoot on Sunday with model Chesley. She was the first model I ever shot with a few years ago. I was the first photographer she ever shot with. She's now with an agency and both of us have developed a lot of skills we didn't have. It was fun shooting with her and reminiscing on our first shoot. Here are some shots I like from the shoot. There are more on my flickr. Click to see these larger.

It was planned all under a week. The styling was a joint venture between myself and Chesley, and I went and bought my portion of the clothing the day before the shoot - some of it I had had on hand and was just waiting for a shoot to use the stuff, like the nerdy glasses. Don't you love the flamingo shirt?

This is Chesley's old shoot in case you guys don't remember her...

car lot lovers

Anyway, this year I resolve to make this my career or at least make some serious steps to make it my career. I resolve not to clusterfuck myself with a group of friends ever again. I resolve to protect my little heart from douchebags even more. I resolve to live out loud. More.

I figured I'd end this post with some good shots from 2009 from me. Here's to much more experimentation and fun in 2010...

Just Shoot 02

Lux for Life 01

Opening Pandora's Box

They Only Want You When You're 17

Dumb Kids with Fancy Cameras

Earl Grey

Denimology 02

Wake Up Early

Happy New Years and much luck for a successful 2010...

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