Saturday, December 12, 2009


I finally made the leap and purchased a new camera...just as I said I would, I ended up buying the Pentax K-x. So far so good! I am totally loving it! It's a durable build and has quite a few functions my old camera didn't have. So far I am enjoying it's high ISO options and multiple exposure feature. And in case you're wondering, I just got the plain old black :P

Here are a few photos I took using the multiple exposure feature. I'm totally loving it.

I also did a few fashion shoots in of which was done with my new camera, the other two with my old camera.

I continued my shoot with Lauren, Amburlee and a new stylist named Courtney. The series is called Lux for Life and I think the new photos worked very well with the previous shoot's photos. More on my flickr. This was with my old camera. I could have really used the high iso option for this shoot but oh well!

I also did a shoot with an unsigned model named Brianna. This was a shoot for and was styled by the owner, Lindsay, who is super cool. I went to meet Lindsay the day before the shoot to see what kind of clothing we'd be using and I got super excited. She knows her stuff. I provided some jewelry. Sarah Dean did make up for me again. Brianna came all the way from Sac for our shoot with involved some silly/cute minnie mouse ears. She moved like a dream! Coincidentally, we all loved the photos. Unfortunately, our shoot got rained on after change #4 and we decided to try and finish up in January. I want at least 6 changes to this shoot.

Again, there are more on my flickr. This was a lighting test that I ended up loving. She was yawning or talking or something.

Annnnnd here are some behind the scenes shots. Poor Brianna was so cold! She was wearing shorts and dance leotards and it was cooooold outside! Good thing she brought a fuzzy pick robe!

My latest shoot was a night shoot with a model named Nicole from City Model Management. This shoot was for as well and Lindsay styled it, Sarah Dean did make up. I had been wanting to do a fashion shoot at night for so long! It was sort of experimental but I definitely got the teenage rebel images I was going for. The shopping cart shorts were my favorites! This was the shoot done on my new camera. Again, much, much more on my flickr.

Sorry for being so MIA for all of November.

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