Monday, December 7, 2009

Cat Power

I love her. I love her music...but I also love, love, love her photos. I've been wanting to do some musician photos for a while but I am sort of scared. I've become so comfortable with fashion that trying something outside of it makes me feel so amateur again. Maybe someday...someday soon. At least one of these is by the amazing wendy lynch. I think I have blogged about her amazing band/musician photos before.

And here are some yotube videos. She's like a female Bob Dylan. I love her style, I love her voice, I love her hair. I just want to live in her skin and BE her she's so amazing. Can you believe she's 37??

I'd also love to get into shooting live music one day. This photo of Alice Glass during a live show is my favorite live music shot ever. Definitely captures the mood/energy of the crowd during Crystal Castles' shows.

Crystal Castles Crowd, originally uploaded by Jack Jeffries.

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