Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Grey Area

It's been a little while since I last updated - work has got me bogged down and bummed. I had a photoshoot with the very lovely Lauren again - I enjoyed working with her so much last time that I couldn't wait to book her again. We decided to go with something that was pretty much the exact opposite this time. I wanted to go for that "English look," meaning lots of grey and a lot of black. We achieved it. I had the fabulous Ms. Sarah Dean do make up - she had been working as a higher up at MAC for 6 years before being laid off. She's very talented and I'm glad to have her on my team. She was a blast to work with. We had to prepare at my favorite cafe because as always my house was off limits, but no one bothered us and the weather was okay. Sarah does amazing make up!

The photoshoot was planned really quickly and I did all the styling, but the photos came out really well! Lauren is an excellent model. Her look is so versatile and she's so fun to work with. I've booked her for November 15th as well for a continuation of our other shoot! Here are some of our best shots. There are more on my Flickr.

Other than that, life has been whatevs, treating me semi-decently I suppose. I finally took a leap of faith and invested in a very cheap speedlight. I exchanged it because it was defective and am currently waiting for a new one to come, but not before I had a chance to experiment with the effects a little bit with my friends. I want to start shooting fashion at night and I think we may have had a little TOO much fun - we actually are planning to get together again next weekend to play this new game we refer to as "ghosts." I also refer to it as "practice" for night fashion shoots as I am currently booking for one that I feel will be very, very awesome.

Lastly, some recent photos from my life in general lately...