Monday, October 5, 2009

So Unfaithful

I'm a Canon girl myself. I've heard the debate may times over with no new conclusion. Canon or Nikon? Canon or...Nikon? my opinion it's just an issue of you like tomato and I like tomaeto. As one wise person once said, "Hold each in your hand. Go with whichever feels better."

So when I started gearing up to buy a new camera, it was only natural that I buy a Canon Rebel XSi or Canon Rebel T1i.

...However, I'm starting to rethink my undying and ungrounded love for Canon. It all started one fine day when I caught a glimpse of the sexy new Pentax K-x. Now, granted, the first thing that caught my eye was it's color, no doubt. I mean it is fire engine red - not quite something you can gloss over. But as I kept reading on, I began to discover that the K-x has both body and brains to back it up.

What is it that excites me about the K-x's pending release? Well, it all has to do with how I use my camera, basically. For one, I like throwing it around. I rarely carry it in a camera bag. I just throw it in my purse and I'm out the door. Pentax camera bodies have a supposed legacy for being sturdy - and while I can't complain about my little Canon XT, I've been reading reports that the newer models of the rebel line are not quite as durable.

And seeing as I just throw it in my purse and go (and go anywhere mind you), another thing that is important to me is the weight. I often come home with my shoulder almost broken thanks to my current camera, which weighs 1.5 pounds. The Pentax K-x weighs a very similar 1.3 pounds where as the Canon XSi weighs 2 pounds and the T1i a whooping 3 pounds. I think I would die if I had to carry the T1i for a photoadventure through San Francisco. Seriously.

What it does share with the Canon XSi are it's megapixels - the K-x at 12.4 megapixels and the XSi at 12.2 - an upgrade from my 8 megapixel camera regardless. And while the T1i offers 15.1 megapixels, I do not believe it is worth the difference in price or of weight, for that matter. The cameras also share a fairly wide LCD - the K-x at 2.7 inches and the Canons at 3. Again, this would be a huge upgrade from my current one, which is about one or 1.5 inches.

In my photoshoots when I have to shoot quickly, I think I will appreciate the 5-frames per second of Pentax K-x, and seeing as I sometimes shoot under poor outdoor lighting conditions, I can appreciate the anti-shake in the Pentax body (Nikon and Canon have it in the lens). I've also never been able to clean my poor camera's sensor, so a self-cleaning mechanism is very useful for me. I also look forward to live view, found in the Pentax and Canon cameras, because then i can set a camera behind my camera while I do self portraits and have a better idea of the composition. I appreciate the video too - I love recording my friends so silly things and my current camera's lack of video was the bane of my existence when I lived in Egypt!

While I think I may be boring and stick to black, the K-x is also offered in white, red and navy. Whether or not you like it, you have to hand it to Pentax for using the simple concept of color as a marketing strategy - even if you think the idea of a red DSLR is disgusting, you have to admit it is attention grabbing! In one country Pentax is even allowing customers to customize their cameras in various combinations. Where else besides Japan, right? Apparently nowhere! Pentax has stated they have no intention of expanding these color options to the US or Europe. It's probably for the better anyway.

All in all, I am still kind of on the fence. The first day I pick up an SLR, it was my friend's sister's 35mm Canon Rebel. The two of us would pass it between each other and split the price of film and developing. Old habits die hard...I may just need to hold each in my hand...

The Pentax K-x is listed on at $649.99, and the Canon Rebel XSi at $632.88.