Saturday, August 22, 2009

Put Your Best Face Forward

I had a shoot with a model named Raven on Thursday. It was a black and white series and a little more artsy in nature. I still have much to edit, but here is a nice diptych to get you started. This wasn't my best shoot - I have used the location several times but hadn't checked it out recently, so I was pretty shocked to see how it had changed - I made a mistake and should have went and checked it out again. The light was also super soft and I didn't expect to need a tripod, so we did lose some to the camera shaking.

Lastly, here are a few more photos I find inspiring. You guys know how I feel about bright colors in my photos. These are from Seventeen magazine from back in March, I believe.

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Sarah Balderas said...

LOVE the B&W shots of Raven - stunning! Great colors on that inspirational spread...I actually want to do something more muted and lush, but I can totally see the bright colors working for you!