Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Last Stretch

I've been a been a bit too busy to post lately but I did finish editing the photos from the other two changes of my denimology shoot. Check out the rest on my flickr.

Denimology 18

Denimology 16

Denimology 17

Denimology 11

Denimology 10

Last weekend I was hanging out with a friend and randomly decided to Alviso, which once had a real marina but now there are just a bunch of abandoned buildings. Quite a bit of water dried up around there, so these docks are just in the middle of some soggy, marsh-like grass. I can't wait to do a shoot here! And yeah I know everyone does a shoot in Alviso if you're from this area but I don't care.

explore the beyond

go where it leads you

I'm leaving to Egypt in about a month! I am super stoked but I want to get some more photoshoots in before I go because I won't be able to do any there and then I'm just going to come home ACHING. I have a confirmed shoot this coming Thursday and an unconfirmed one the day after that. I would like to get one more 4/5 change editorial styled shoot in before I go as well but I still trying to see if that is feasible. Ramadan is approaching and I'll be fasting, which will make it difficult to shoot.

I also am in the pre-planning stages for a high fashion shoot (in alviso) when I come back. It'll be my second time working with a stylist (the very talented Leanne) and my first working with both a make up artist and hair stylist - they're both new talent I found recently. Well, Sarah, the make up artist, found me, and I found Amburlee. Things are still very tentative. It just depends on when Leanne comes from Vancouver. As I keep shooting more changes with more and more complicated looks, I am starting to feel like the stylist is even more important than the model! I seriously have more difficulty finding a good, reliable stylist then I do finding models.

I'm also super excited to be doing some shoot with interesting make-up again. It feels like I have been shooting make up that is actually wearable since my Queen's Daughter shoot with Hannah. But this is FASHION! Make up should be ridiculous! So with that, here are a few make up looks I have stumbled across recently that I am just dying to try out with my own models. Click to view the original source and for credits.

Aren't they all so fabulous?

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