Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Denimology, Change #2

I've just about wrapped up editing change two for my last shoot. There are a lot more pictures than the ones I edited, obviously, but I just can't see the use of editing any more - unless the make up artist or model want them. We'll see. I'm hoping to finish change three today - the light was terrible for change three, so this will be a salvage kind of job. Hence, I don't expect to post a lot of photos from it, which is unfortunate. This was Georgia's favorite change and I really wanted a complete four change editorial shoot.

Denimology 05

Denimology 07

Denimology 08

It's funny, a lot of people really like this shoot. I am not blown away - it wasn't my best. But then again, I'm not really sure I have a "best." And I guess that is just the way the cookie crumbles. Even Richard Avedon - greatest fashion photographer of all time - was somewhat displeased with the famous photo "Dovima with Elephants." I wish I could find the article to post it here, but he said he didn't like the way the sach fell. I suppose we're all doomed for imperfection by the laws of nature.

And speaking of Avedon, I found this page that shows you his home. This man was a genius.


Sarah Balderas said...

Hey girl, nice rustic location! Like you, I always take a lot more pictures than I end up working on. Sometimes, I'll end up with about 200-250 shots and only end 8-10 (unless it's a really, REALLY great session lol).

The shot that caught my eye the most was the 3rd one down. I really like how she's framed against a cool blue wall by the overgrown, sun-sparkling blades of grass (?). Love the 4th one too - a totally editorial-worthy shot if you ask me! Even works perfect as a two-page spread if you put an imaginary line down the middle.

I could see how the hand placement looks off in the last looks off to me, too, but I couldn't say how exactly. I usually have to battle hand/arm positioning in my own photos, so i feel your pain. lol :) Keep at it, girlie!

cody said...

wow...awesome pics!<3