Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Power is On! Again!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack :)

The break is over, the spirits are...well, back to normal at least. Here I am! Here we go! we're shooting again! And we're excited! I booked model Georgia and MUA Hanh for next Saturday, making it the shortest time frame for a shoot ever. I ran out today and did some shopping, and it was pretty successful - I'd say I have about 50% of the clothing I need for the shoot. Georgia is a lovely 5'8" model who is signed with LOOK, so she will be my first LOOK girl. We're doing a four change one look editorial styled shoot. I'm excited to be working, and I'm also excited to be meeting Georgia and Hanh because they both seem very talented and are also very local - I'm not sure why it has taken me this long to shoot with them!

So that's going to be August 1st. Wish us luck. I decided to do this sans stylist since that's usually where the scheduling problem arises from.

In addition, I've recently discovered that Brooke, the pretty brunette model I shot back in March, got signed to Ford - congrats to her! I am so proud!

As for inspirations, I had been digging this editorial of Kate Moss from like last winter's French Vogue. This was originally sent to me by Jennifer, owner of Funkin Junkie vintage, for a commissioned shoot we were supposed to do - before she bailed on me and refused to return my phone calls. So unprofessional. Still, I like the editorial.

In the same vein, I have been digging this Citizens of Humanity Lookbook for Nylon Magazine. Not going to lie, I also like the jeans.

Also, I'm really digging these photos from an Asian fashion mag. I love the setting, colors, styling poses, composition - ugh, I love it all. I can't take credit for finding or scanning these - I took the from Karla's Closet. The top two and bottom two are my absolute favs.

Annnnnd I am also way digging these scans from a recent vogue, also thanks to Karla's Closet. Again, I like the location and the styling, though the colors don't pop enough for me. While normally Bazaar is much more inspiring to me, lately they haven't had much in them that really got me, you know?

Lastly, Sarah Balderas, if you're reading this, something is wrong with your comment box on your blog and I cannot comment on your entries :(


Sarah Balderas said...

LMAO! Imagine my surprise when I read through your latest entry and see my name there staring back at me! :D I'm not sure how to fix the comment box because I've never had that problem before, and I haven't changed any of the coding. Any ideas?

I'm so glad you're back to scheduling photo shoots. I really dig that Kate Moss spread you mentioned - fashion in rustic nature...very nice! I'm excited to see what you come up with on your shoot. I also wanted to ask how you take care of the wardrobe issue...entirely self funded? Vintage shops, eBay, online stores? I always have the issue of figuring out how to acquire the clothes I want.

Also, congrats on Brooke's signing! Two models that I've shot have signed with agencies, and it makes me feel like a proud mama hen to have had some small part in helping them get to where they want to be...I can imagine you must really be proud of Brooke's accomplishment!

Sarah said...

Hahah, I had no other way to reach you I figured :) I tried commenting on your last comment on my blog, but I didn't think you would see it. In fact I hope you see this! What seems to be the problem is that you added a captcha (sp?) and it doesn't have a scroll bar once it pops up. So I can't really see the word or the place I am supposed to input it or the submit button! It doesn't work on my brother's computer or my computer :(

Clothing is always tough. I have a combination of methods - one is thrift stores. I'm a huge thrift store junkie so I often grab stuff from there, and then try and sell it ob ebay or etsy afterward to make back the money lost. Usually it helps.

Another option which turns out to be cheaper (haha) is just buying new clothes and returning them afterward. There is the obvious that if you mess up the clothes you can't return it, and you are stuck with a $60 urban outfitters I try to stay away from this option if I can. But a lack of good styling can kill a shoot, so I do it if I have to. You can either keep the tags on, or do what I did and get a tagger off ebay, and just retag the clothes afterward.

The other thing I do is use my own clothes or borrow from friends. This is especially the case with shoes, which you can't return afterward. Fortunately I am a size 9 and my best friend is an 8.5 which is just around the size of most models. Some of my tops can fit the models too.

And of course, sometimes I let the models bring their own stuff :)

I'm glad I'm back to shoots too! I need to find a way to keep shooting regardless of my mood, because my off periods are just too long! But I'm super stoked about my Saturday shoot :) And yes, I am super proud of Brooke - she looks lovely in her new headshots and I think she has the potential to go very far!