Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Friends Love Me

My birthday is next Friday (the 15th) and already I have received:

- A GPS from my parents
- a steamer from my friend Sarah (lol, see below as to why I needed this)
- a Flickr Pro account from my friend Shaz

In some way or another everything I have got so far is for my photography. The GPS to help me get places (included the MUA or stylist's places or the location), the steamer to help me iron-out the wrinkles of garments when I am doing the styling (I absolutely despise ironing and this will help me save on dry cleaning!), and the Flickr Pro account obviously to upload and share more pictures. My friends all know that I'm pretty tight on cash this year, hence the practical gifts. I also need a sensor cleaner, a new tripod and a new portfolio, but I am not going to hold my breathe for these ones. I can live without a sensor cleaner a while longer (and just edit out the spots), and I have a tripod even though it is a bit busted. The portfolio I need. I need it badly because I was intended to start pushing the agencies to let me use their models around the end of May...I bought one a few months back but long story short, the company sent me the wrong color and they won't respond to my customer service calls. It's freaking hideous. I filed a charge dispute with my bank about it, because I am not about to pay another $90 for a portfolio without a fight for my money back. They told me it could take a couple months...

On another note, I've got a nice afternoon shoot with a model and MUA I have been simply aching to work with. Tomorrow guys! Wish me luck! In the mean time, I'm going to share Crystal Castles with you. Their music is AMAZINGNESS!


Sarah Balderas said...

Wow, your friends and family are awesome! :) It sure does help when your "support system" keeps you going... my parents found a tripod for me at a garage sale once, my sister LB and friend Jaime talk up my photography to their classmates, my dad was talking about helping me set up a studio just the other day... makes me feel guilty and incredibly blessed at the same time. :)

Good luck with your model shoot! I wish there was an MUA nearby to work with. :( Until then, I must make do myself. lol I can't wait to see the results!

Sarah Balderas said...

LOL well, scantily clad girls sound like a more welcome alternative to the almost-dudeoir I got asked to shoot. My parents were both amused and little frightened for my well-being. =) If anything, my parents are the opposite of yours. While yours are in the dark, my mom goes Private Eye on all my contacts. She has's scary. ;)

Sarah Balderas said... did you come across her AND convince her to be your mentor? I wish I had someone like that here locally so I could learn. Most of what I'm doing is self-taught. She has some great work *envy* I want to be like her (or Joseph Tran)! :) As for the paid gigs, I wonder how to land those myself. All these models shoots are self-funded...yeah. =-o