Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ugh, what a hectic week I have had!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. My friends came over and we ate (3) different kids of cakes before going out for a sushi dinner. My friend's Mo and edina bought me a new tripod to replace my wobbly one, and my former roommate sami got me a fashion book.

Earlier in the morning my brother and I had a pancake breakfast. The only thing in between breakfast and dinner was a shoot with model Grace. Yep, on my birthday.

Then today, my friends and I took a long but scenic drive to santa cruz and did some hanging/eating/photographing there. Overall we had a lovely time.

I have so much on my plate right now. I have work to do for rock dot com, lots of photos to edit for sharlene and lots more to resize for Grace. I also need to get ready for my seattle trip, and overall I have a lot of errands to run in the next few days.

Here are Grace's best least of the ones I have edited so far:



and this is not CHANGE 3's best shot, but it is the only one I have edited so far:

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Sarah Balderas said...

Happy 24th Birthday, Sarah! :) Sounds like you've been one busy girl, but since you have some work to show for it, I GUESS you're off the hook on your absence. lol :D

Sushi dinner, cakes, friends AND a photo shoot are a winning combination - lucky girl! My favorite shot of Grace is the Change 2 one of her lying in the grass - very cool! Can't wait to see more of Change 3... :)