Sunday, May 31, 2009


It may partially be because I stayed up until 4 a.m. yesterday, but I am overall just feeling exhausted and lethargic. My heart is with photography but my brain and body are not. I've learned to accept that my art goes through phases like this. My life has become increasingly busy on the social front, and of course I am still doing my day job. And even if I am not out and about all the time, my brain is definitely tired and overworked, thinking up plans and what to do next. I am hoping this summer is going to be awesome, photography included. But right now I am so tired, I need a little break. I've been contacted by a few stylists and models who are interested in testing, two of them hoping to work next week. But I'm just much too tired to work that soon, especially for free.

My next shoot is on June 14th and I think I'm going to keep it that way.


Sarah Balderas said...

I feel ya, girl. I was telling my BF about everything I had to do these next two or three weeks for the photography side of me, and I was exhausted just THINKING about it! I had left the month of June wide open to catch up on the work of two weddings and two model shoots, but I'm already in the process of planning model shoots for June 6th and the 13th, not to mention a "rock the dress" session and behind-the-scenes stills for a short film project. Ugh! The things we sacrifice for art!

(End of rant. Must remember that I signed up for all this and really want this in spite of all the tiredness!)


Sarah Balderas said...

lol I wish I had a car that cool with me to take different places! :) There is an alley in town with lots of artsy-themed murals, benches, props...we walked down to the opposite end and stumbled across this faux cab. I think one of the downtown clothing store painted it up and parked it there for the cool factor and to 'subtly' advertise. I just thought, "hell I have to get some shots of Cole on the back of this!" No jealousy needed. :)

Talk about a break...I seriously need one too. My trip last weekend was a nice breather, but I think I need a big ol' block of time to just catch up on other parts of my life. And the whole "no paid work" sucks pretty much. I spend more money than I care to count on wardrobe and props for model shoots. =-O Good luck on your shoot on the 14th...can't wait to see some shots! :)