Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Apology Song

Okay new musical obsession which isn't that new because I've been through a Decemberists phase before...but seriously how great are the Decemberists? This video was made to the song by some kids who liked it...it's definitely kind of silly.

Also, my awesome, awesome best friend Shaz got me a (two-year) flickr pro account for my birthday! Pretty sweet of her I must say :) I had to fight with her because she wanted to buy me a $470 macro lens. I just can't have anyone spend that much money on me - heck, I wouldn't even spend that much money on me. Especially for a macro lens - my kit lens does pretty much everything I need. I'm not the kind of photog that bases my work on my equipment. I just try and do...well...what I do.

I stumbled across this fashion site today, called LOOKBOOK.nu. It's like a"best of" any one of those style diary sites...way cooler than chictopia and I'd say it rivals facehunter. It's just real people from around the world wearing REALLY COOL clothing! We can definitely all learn from it - I really love these kinds of sites.

And lastly, the location check on Sunday went very well. As did the make-shift picnic - we seriously had a ton of fun, and I was sore all day yesterday from the insane amount of playing we did. I know it's odd to say the word "play" when I am coming up on 24, but that's what we did. I am super excited about my next shoot, and just about summer in general.

Augustin playing alongside a little girl named Katie.

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Raych said...

I really, really like Empire of the Sun!!!

Thanks love ;)