Monday, May 11, 2009

An Antique Dream

I had a ridiculously tiring but fun weekend, hence the fact that I didn't post anything a little earlier.

Oh Friday I had a shoot with a model named Sharlene and MUA Ann. Sharlene is a beautiful mixed girl and is signed with City Model Management in San Francisco. She is visiting from Dubai right now, and is signed with a total of 5 agencies. Ann is a professional make up artist in my area - she largely works with bridal but does fashion on occasion too. She also designs and sells the cutest swim suits!

I knew I was going to be a little late to the shoot, and it became much worse when I had a GPS mishap and ended up coming even later than that. Sometimes when I worked with Sinh, she would just get the make-up started before I got there (it was even agreed to it that I didn't have to be there from the beginning, considering that I am not needed for those two hours really), but there were some miscommunications and Ann didn't start until I got there. Way to go, stupid GPS. We started an hour late.

Sharlene and Ann are great though, and we were at the location but 4:00 (Ann wasn't feeling well so we left her behind to get some rest). It was incredibly hard shooting a model wearing a huge petticoat in the middle of a bunch of plants. There were definitely some annoying moments when the petticoat would snag on the branches, and when the mosquitos would bite Sharlene (only sharlene for some reason!). I also hadn't anticipated how spotty the light would be, even though I came to the location ahead of time to be sure of what direction is would be coming from. We lost a lot of shots to bad lighting, which was unfortunate. This was probably my most difficult shoot to date (I have some REALLY long ones planned for the summer which I know are just going to kill me). But Sharlene is a trooper - she's lovely and poses like a dream. So even though it was a difficult shoot, we still got quite a few good shots.

The best shots from the first change:

The best shots from the second change:

Ann told me she loved the shots, and I think Sharlene did too. Melissa, the model I worked with for my last shoot, also sent me a message telling me how her agent "looooooved" the shots with the camera, so this definitely made me feel good, especially because Ann and Sharlene were telling me how I need to start doing some lifestyle to be successful, and I simply do not want to.

I'll upload the behind the scenes pictures in a little bit. They're on my other computer.

I got home from my shoot on Friday and was exhausted. I edited a few photos and then called it a night - just toooooo tired. On saturday I woke up early and dyed my hair black (what an improvement), and hung out with some friends for the day - edina, sarah, taqwa, etc. Yesterday, we (me, edina, sarah, and my other friend momo and her husband) went to an art exhibit in San Francisco. It was the Andy Warhol show and it was only showing one week more. A nice lady gave us her re-entry tickets, saving us about $40 (momo's husband still had to buy one). None of us were big andy fans, but I think I definitely came out with a better appreciation for what he did. I especially liked his photography. I know that Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutchner think they're reinventing the rat pack, but they're wrong - the second coming of the rat pack was andy warhol, edie sedgwick, mic jagger, ozzy ozbourne, the velvet underground, madonna, etc. I love his photos of them because he was simply taking photos of his friends. He really was an artist in the true sense of the word. I found his works very inspiring.

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Sarah Balderas said...

Great shoot, Sarah! I love the combination of the lush, green environment and her frilly, feminine pretty! My favorite shot has to be the first one from the second change...I like the power in her stance and look combined by the "spotlight" on her face - very cool. :)