Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a new love

Today I stumbled upon a lovely little website called I like the weird mix of cool finds, awesome photos, hot shoes, etc. etc. My favorite thing I found on it were these photos taken by Isabel Watson for the s/s 09 Bik Bok campaign. Featured in it is the blogger herself (who is also a stylist and sometimes a model!) Ms. Carolina Engman!

okay, and how great is this picture of kate moss from love magazine (also thanks to

Also, the fashion blogging world has been yes-yes-yes this for a while, and as a lowly fashion photographer, I guess that means it is okay that I am a little late. But I've seen a few examples of this and I can't get over how much I love it - studded denim, in various different ways. Check this out:

this one has been floating around on the net but I personally found it on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fashion.

From different way of doing it right? I dig the shirt too.

This is my favorite example of the studded denim look - this is actually the first inspirational image I found. She got a little funky with it too. DIYed by Ms. Lidwina Grata, a student from Jakarta, inspired by alex wang, below.

I need these for my models! and for myself ;)


Noni Valentine said...

wow I am lovinng the jeans with the studded pockets... sounds like a call for a DIY PROJECT ...

lidwina grata said...

i just found your blog sarah and thanks for the link :)

inge luciana said...

Love fashion squad's DIY shorts.
It looks so cool and totally different..
I also create a DIY studded top. Check it out :)