Friday, April 24, 2009

A Mostly Unrelated Post

I just wanted to share some awesome music I recently discovered with you guys. First, Empire of the Sun, a rad band from Australia. I'm madly in love with their music and am surprised they aren't more well known. They seem to get some MGMT comparisons which I kind of see, but not exactly. If anything, they're better than MGMT.

Also, I am in love with the band Chloe Sebastian Oliver (yep, that's their name), headed by all-around-awesome girl Alexi Wasser, of the ridiculously amusing They don't have any youtube videos of their songs, so I am going to direct you to their MySpace. My favorite song is "Girls Wanna Party All the Time." Can't stop listening to it!

Since it is almost 3:00 and I am blogging, I guess you guys all figured that my photoshoot for today fell through, just as I predicted (otherwise I'd be running around my house, freaking out, trying to find my forms, props, and inspiration). Oh well, whatevs. I have a shoot tomorrow too, everything is prepared, even though I know I'll still be freaking out beforehand as is my habit. Yeah, now you guys know. No matter how many shoots I do, I freak out before it, and if I am not freaked out by the shoot, I am freaked out by the fact that I am not freaked out.


audeyssa said...

oh I loooooove this band, so fresh!!

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