Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Important important!

The importance of cropping:

Melissa 06

I really wasn't that keen on this photo until I gave it a new crop. Something was just off. But I cut a little bit out and all of a sudden I think this is the first change's best shot, the shot that will go in my portfolio.

Okay, and also, after having worked with a decent amount of models, I'd like to point something out. The importance of working with a good model. I think a lot of the time when we think of models we think of these pretty girls that just stand there and thus their looks become the number one most important facet when selecting a model. And I agree that you shouldn't shoot with a model whose look doesn't appeal to you or to the audience you're seeking with the photo.

Melissa - a great model

However, having a model who is genuinely good at MODELING will make any photo you take of her instantly exponentially better. I've taken some nice pictures of beautiful girls that still come out overly posed or stiff. And I think I am a decent posing coach, so it's not entirely my fault (obviously, I am sure I could be better at this). Girls that are talented models make shoots shorter and funner, and also just deliver the goods.

It's just something to consider. I'm trying to rule out all fresh faces or other girls with very little experience from my TFCD list right now...it's just not worth the trouble to schedule, style, and shoot a model who can't deliver.


Shaz said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.I just read one of your comments now, i don't seem to get email notifications to my email anymore when people leave comments...and i don't know how to change it :(

As for your post, its great that you pointed out that you need a good model, because everyone assumes that if you have the "look" then your automatically a great model...

Sarah Balderas said...

Hi Sarah, another Sarah here...saw your fashion work on Flickr and loved it. :) I totally agree with you - my last session with a model, Hazel, went so well because she not only looked the part, she also knew how to hold her body well. I didn't really have to direct her because she could hold poses without looking overly "posed." DEFINITELY made a difference in the overall quality of the shoot. Good post!