Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feature: Joseph Tran

Joseph Tran is probably one of the most prolific, awesome photographers I know of. Although I for one love edgy, overstylized shoots, Joseph usually goes in the complete opposite direction. His photos seem raw - barely edited (though I am not sure), normal clothing, and he sometimes works sans mua. Just himself and the model - the results are astounding. The photos all come off as so natural and thus so beautiful. This is kind of what inspired my spring thing series (two more shoots, coming up!). I wanted to shoot just me and the model and nothing in between. I also love how so many of his shots are in black and white.


Sarah Balderas said...

I've never heard of Joseph Tran, but I'm definitely going to look at more of his work. Thanks! (Oh, and this is my "make love to it" site for fashion editorial spreads - so inspiring!

Sarah Balderas said...

True dat...I've been perusing the latest issues of Elle and Zink for inspiration. Sometimes you just gotta HOLD a mag in your hands, make a wish, and hope that the magic voodoo photog juice enters by osmosis. ;D