Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everything Is (Beautiful Here)

I was in a pretty good mood last week, so I took some self-portraits. Generally speaking, how many photos I take is a good indication of how good I feel.

everything is
"Everything Is (Beautiful Here)"

I'm Finally Breaking Free
"I'm Finally Breaking Free"

Apple Oh!
"Apple Ohs!"

I also have been doing a little bit of still-life lately which is really, really not like me. I guess that's just inspiration! I really love "Wake Up Early."

Wake Up Early
"Wake Up Early"

My favorite shoes :)

annnnnd I also did some edits to some of the behind the scenes shots from my shoot with hannah back in November. I like them!

hannah or audrey?

Incredible Lightness
"Incredible Lightness"

I have a client shoot on Friday (assuming she doesn't just flake like my last two client shoots AND my last TFCD shoot), and a creative with a visiting model on Saturday. Pretty excited - it has been so long since I have had a fashion shoot. I am also planning something with Hannah which makes me happy because she is fabulous. I definitely want to book more shoots, but I have decided not to book anymore until after Saturday. I need to focus on my upcoming ones instead of trying to orchestrate more right now. I went to a certain park on Sunday with some friends as an outting but also to check it out as a location for my shoot with sharlene and ann on May 8th...but the park didn't really look as I imagined it so I was pretty disappointed. Back to the drawing board :-/

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