Saturday, April 11, 2009

Current Obsessions: Interesting Sunglasses and Belts

In it inevitable that a great part of fashion photography is clothing. A lot of photographers don't seem to understand the importance of being on top of current trends when they shoot their models in whatever clothing they decide to bring. This is the exact reason that I style most of my shoots, so long as it is something I am capable of doing. Of course I don't mind when the models bring their own stuff, but it is not always worked into the mix.

I have two current obsessions right now, though one more for my shoots, and one more for me. The first is interesting sunglasses. First of all, I love vintage sunglasses - the weird kind and wayfayers. I know that wayfayers have been in for a while now, seen on everyone from the stylish Ashley Olsen down to the styleless Paris Hilton. Heck, even my big brother owns a pair of turtiose Rayban Wayfayers. I personally embraced the style after watching Breakfast at Tiffany's a few years back.

But it is only recently that I thought of using them for a shoot. Sunglasses easy add something to any outfit, as in my last shoot with Brooke.

I also have two pairs of vintage balenciaga sunglasses, one of which I used in my recent shoot with Brooke.

A Spring Thing - Brooke 09

I used my other pair if you recall in my fun, indie-inspired shoot with Danielle. Sunglasses are also a good way to help get portfolio-worthy photos with a model that isn't quite sure what to do with her eyes yet.

beautiful loser 04

In this regard, I have recently bought a new collection of novelty sunglasses to use for my models.

The first ones, the heart shaped ones, should ring a bell because they were a huge hit a few years ago when Luella started selling them and every celebrity and her mom had a pair. The other two pairs I bought because I love them, which is quite possibly because I think nerdiness = hotness (sometimes!). I have a lot of shoots planning using cool glasses coming up. The easiest, coolest accessory = sunglasses.

For my personal wardrobe, I have been increasingly into waist belts. I know the waist belt trend came in a few years ago but I never latched onto it until I recently stumbled upon some super cool belts at my local thrift store. It's more about adding some oomph to an outfit than simply cinching the waist. This will be showing in my photos very soon.

here is one of the belts I picked up, though I got this picture off ebay. It can also be used as a bracelet or necklace.

Overall, I love doing my shoots styling because I love fashion. It's also not so easy to style a stylist for every shoot, and I certainly wish i had more money at my disposal when I am shopping for clothing for a shoot. Thrift stores and bargain stores like Ross and Marshalls are always my styling winners, and I love getting props at the dollar store!



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