Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Spring Thing

In light of yesterday's entry, I think it is safe to say my muse to back, hopefully for good. My shoot with Brooke went really well - she is beautiful and wasn't all stiff. Overall, a pretty good model - her look also fit the concept pretty well. I may end up shooting with her again at some point.

She brought her little brother to the shoot to hold the reflector which was super nice of both of them, even though we didn't end up using the reflector much because the light was pretty good. The most eventful thing was a little homeless man that came to us and offered us some flowers for the shoot. Brooke and I thought he was trying to sell them so we declined. He then threw the flower in then stormed away. We kinda of felt fact I still feel bad. Maybe he was just being nice and wanted to give us flowers!

Here are the some photos of Brooke's brother holding the reflector while we don't need it and the homeless man storming away!

We also saw this creepy thing next to the fence we were shooting at. Creepy! I kicked it away so it wouldn't be in the photos.

Brooke and I had a nice tome picking out the clothes. Normally I do all the of the styling for my shoots, but Brooke brought a bunch of clothes so we had some options. She ended up wearing an Etam Bathing suit tucked into her own shorts with some my naturalizer wedges and my red 70s balenciaga sunglasses. For the second change she wore her own onesie, my calvin klein platforms, my vintage raybans and a vintage bird necklace.

The pinwheel thing was an idea I had and I have decided this will be a three part series called "A Spring Thing." Three girls, three spring-y locations, three pinwheels. Part two with model Jessica was supposed to be today but poor Jessica had a really high fever last night so we canceled.

Lastly, here are yesterday's best shots:

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