Friday, March 6, 2009

I've been Fakin'

like I'm busy (which I am), but I'm also uninspired.

I finally got my Mac Mini. In an attempt to save some cash I got a photoshop version from a friend, and it turns out is is CS1...not that different from the newest ones but there are little things in it that just kind of make it annoying. One day, I hope, I'll have enough for CS4. Overall, my new computer has been treating me well, even though the nature of the little thing means I can't move around a lot which kinda sucks.

I finally bought my portfolio, which is cool, but I don't feel like there are enough good photos to fill it up yet. I am in the early stages of planning four shoots...wish me luck. There are two simple, back to basics shoots and two of my more normal overstylized trying-for-high-fashion shoots.

I'm trying to forget what I know, start from the beginning, and let it all flow. That's where my shoots with new model Jessica and newer model Brooke come in. Less style, less make-up, less fashion, more photography, more model. And that's it. None of the shoots have any dates yet, it all depends on the schedules and weather, so we'll see. I was planning a shoot with my MUA bud Jonathan, budding talented stylist Rebecca, and this amazing model named Nicole, but nicole backed out, which sucks because Jonathan and Rebecca are way excited. I'm trying to find a replacement, I've narrowed it down to two models. So we'll see.

The last shoot is the one that is most far away (in distance and time), a high-fashion 20s military inspired shoot with Stylist Black Plastica. We've pretty much settled on a model, but the stylist thinks it would be great to shoot on treasure Island. I have never been there, don't know how to get there, and as you know, hate driving. So this is a problem, but not only would I have to get there for the shoot, I'd also have to go a little earlier and scope out the location. Ugh. We'll see. I can't wait until I have enough resources to get a location scout!

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