Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Please Pray for Gaza

The current situation in Gaza has been taking a huge toll on my life, as well as a lot of people that I know. I'm not Palestinian, but you do not need to be Palestinian to see the genocide that is going on in Gaza.

Gaza is about two thirds the size of San Jose, California, and has a population of 1.5 million. Before this attack, Gaza has been crippled for months as Israel has put sanctions on it - meaning no fuel for heat, no medicine for cancer patients, no electricity for baby incubators. On top of this, Israel - a world's superpower that gets more US aid and military technology than any other country in the world, is attacking the Gazans.

And they call this a war, or a conflict. THIS IS GENOCIDE. I'm tired of people, including our doofus president and his cabinet, talk about Hamas and Gaza as if it is an equal power. It is not! And even if it were, 600 Palestinians have been killed so far, as opposed to 7 Israelis. This is an outrage! I cannot believe this many people have died and there has been no real international outcry. But of course, Palestinian lives just don't seem to matter right?

Imagine if the opposite had occurred and we had 600 dead Israelis. Europe and America would have ground troops over there by now - the world would be up in arms! And let's assume that Israel is retaliating (which I don't think is the case), has anyone sought to question if their response has been proportional to the cause?

I'm sick and tired of the death and lies. I am sick of Israelis bombing schools full of children and then claiming rockets came from there. I'm sick of the world blaming Hamas for Israel's terrorism.

And yes I said it. Israel is the terrorist - ISRAEL IS A TERRORIST STATE.

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Shaz said...

i am not choosing any sides, but it is ridiculous to see just how many lives are being lost. the death toll has risen to over 1000 and the world is just sitting back and watching while someones mother, father or child is being lost by the minute!