Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lesson Learned #2

Don't stick to a shoot if you wake up sick the morning of. It will severely effect your abilities. My shoot on Sunday was exactly like this. I was shooting a three change/three look shoot with model Bianca and Jonathan Alan doing make-up. I finally had an assistant, Sarah, to be able to hold a reflector, so that was a good experiment and I think it went really well. I unfortunately started feeling sick the night before and thus barely slept. When I woke up in the morning I was feeling quite sick, but we were supposed to do this shoot weeks ago and it got postponed for other reasons. It was so hard to find a new day that fit all of us, so I really didn't want to back out. Bianca ended up being a little late because she had a brief family emergency. I love Jonathan's work on the first look - the hair and make up were both superb. It took a while though, and Bianca, being a new model, took a little longer to nail each look. So we didn't end up doing the third look.

We got some cool shots, but I have yet to edit any because my laptop is dead and along with it my photoshop, but when I edit some I'll post them. It was overall an exhausting shoot. I came home with a fever and aching body parts. I went to sleep and woke up 15-hours later...

Saturday shoot with Anamika though! It should be very cool, and I am feeling much better.

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