Sunday, December 14, 2008

Today by your friends at Vogue

I've recently decided that I need to change my photography direction which is why I decided to take this break (which has turned out to not be much of a break). I have seen my photography develop organically into a commercial/beauty/book-building kind of style, just because I have been studying the photographers around me and that is the kind of work they do.

My goal upon entering photography was, besides having fun and creating beautiful art, to shoot high fashion advertisements and editorials for fashion magazines, eventually bringing me to go. I am well aware that I have a long way to go.

So in an attempt to inspire me in the right kind of way, I went to my local borders and picked up a few magazine. I picked up Bazaar and Vogue because they are the top magazines period and are set at my highest goal, and I also picked up Elle just because they had an interesting editorial. I decided to leave Nylon even though I'd love to shoot for them. Bazaar had a lovely editorial this month as well, but I decided to leave Vogue unopened until I got home because it was the one I most wanted to study. This month, Jennifer Aniston graced the cover of Vogue, though I must say she did this less than gracefully, as she also was recently featured in a nude shoot for GQ...which is, well, less than classy.

The article on Ms. Aniston went on to call her stupid things like a simple beautiful and said that her style is so chic and simple - basically nice ways of saying she is neither. Jennifer Aniston looks like a kindergarten teacher, which is why I suppose the article on her featured run-of-the-mill pictures of her with a dog, her on a wood porch, blah blah blah etc. etc. The editorials were totally uninspiring. In fact, the only thing that really struck me in the entire magazine was a Longchamp ad featuring Kate Moss, the one in the lower right corner.

Unlike most designer handbag ads, which generally feature a model either (a) topless and covering her breasts with the hangbag or (b) clothed and doing some high fashion pose with the handbag, the longchamp ad is actually just a beautiful picture. Together the ads work as an editorial, telling some kind of beautiful story, and in the end, the story and atmosphere are so beautiful, the bag becomes beautiful. Bravo guys.

Also in complete disregard to my so-called "break," I booked another shoot with model Bianca in between now and when our favorite MUA Jonathan comes back from his vacay. I'll be a low-stress shoot (hopefully), three changes and just around Fremont. I have requested Bianca just do her own basic make-up and she is okay with that, and I don't want to do any beauty shots so it won't quite matter. It will be a casual editorial in nature, kind of holiday-themed for an imaginary alternative teen magazine that must exist only in my head haha. I purchased a little dress from Anthropologie and a cute headband from H&M today and we're now good to go.

And on a totally unrelated note, I can't stop listening to "Kids" by well as watching this awesome unofficial video for it on youtube, haha.

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