Saturday, December 6, 2008


So now I seriously am going to take a break after my next few shoots. I have seen my photography going in a direction that is not making me happy - basically that it is becoming more commercial than high-fashion and that is bothering me. I have decided after my next few shoots, I need to just keep buying Vogue and Bazaar and study the ads and editorials. But I already have made promises to shoot three more times.

I have a shoot on Tuesday with the awesome MUA Jonathan and a visiting model Crystal. Crystal is a little short, but I love, love, love her look. We'll be shooting in the downtown area for an urban tone. I'll post as soon as I am done editing as you guys know.

I am also doing another shoot with the beautiful model Anamika and MUA Sinh with a more romantic theme to it. We're trying to plan a date right now.

And lastly, I am trying to figure out something for cute model Bianca right now. She has winter break soon so it is a short window of free-time for her, so I am trying to think of somethings good.

In the mean time, I am busy conjuring up more high-fashion-like, edgy shoots. There are a lot of ideas going on in my head, and when something definite comes out of it, I'll be back to shooting in no time.

I finally got an external hard-drive to back up all of my images and super large music collection, so I feel a lot safer now. The photos were also taking up a lot of space and my poor laptop and its hard drive was almost full. The external is 500G so it should hold me over for a long time. I have finally started my new HR job. It's not very many hours, and it's only $10 an hour, but it gives me something more to do per day and it brings in a little money. I am happy to have money at my disposal again to pay for styling and jonathan's BART. I bought my mom this game she had been wanting for a long time as well, as well as a few new things for me. It feels good to have my own money again. Also on my list of things to buy is a domain name for my photography, a leatherbound portfolio, fiberwig mascara, the my so-called life box set, cover-up and a medium format camera (probably a holga).

I also just got this lomo camera from Urban. I have yet to develop a roll, but i think this camera is awesome. i wanted that fisheye effect but don't want to buy a lens because it is just so esoteric and expensive. So I bought the urban version. I intend to have a lot of fun with it - I think it would be great for parties and street portraits, and photographing anything that is wide, or round, or both! One of my friends, Sami, went with me and bought the urban holga. We intend to start going on photo adventures together, and both of us are thinking of taking a class at a local community college on black and white photography so as to learn how to develop film. I mean, it's about time.

Sami and I are also working on another, really cool project, but you'll know about that in due time.

I also took a new self-portrait the other day. I thought it was about time I had a self-portrait with my camera. I like the way it came out:

On a totally random note, everyone needs to check out Editors, Electrelane (listen to "I Want To Be President"), and the Ferocious Few. These are three bands I have been listening to a lot lately. Also, if you go here, you can download Girl Talk's album "Feed the Animals" for just a donation.

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