Monday, November 10, 2008

The Queen's Daughter

Today I had my second shoot with model Hannah C. and my first with MUA Jonathan, who agreed to work with maybe about a year ago while I was in Egypt. We met at 9 a.m. and it took about two hours for Jonathan to finish doing Hannah's hair and make-up...the make-up may seem simple, but Jonathan put a lot of effort into it. Hannah looked exactly as I wanted her to - like a dolled up playing card! She changed at a local McDonalds and then we drove two blocks to our location, a downtown San Jose parking lot with red walls overgrown with ivy. We did two changes, and the theme was some dark yet romantic, edgy yet vintage. We came out with some cool things, I think. I wanted to go for fashion so we did a lot of full body shots, and for the second change we used a stool.

Special thanks go out to my friends Shaz and Taqwa, for letting me borrow their beautiful shoes and earrings respectively. Everything came together perfectly. I am calling the series "The Queen's Daughter." I got what I was going for. Well, at least in the digital. I am still waiting to see what I am going to do with the film because I am not sure how I am going to develop them. I had a little problem at the normal place i get them developed so I am hoping this problem will solve itself or I will take my business elsewhere. Most of all...I hope everything with my buddy Greg is okay.

Here are today's best digital shots:

The problem with my film is bothering me and after seeing the digital photos, I am eager to see the film, as I am usually much better at film.

We got so many funny looks while Jonathan was applying the make up in the student union in San Jose State. After a while he starting telling people "yeah we have a fashion show, we're in a time crunch!" People were so interested in what we were doing and others were just weirded out. Similar happenings occurred in McDonalds and while we walked from the car to the location. At one point we had piled all of our belongings next to and on a pick-up truck parked next to us. A man started walking towards us and was like "you might want to move your stuff." He wasn't mean about it or anything, just drove off. Slightly later, he drove back into the parking lot and parked in the same spot. He opened the back of the truck and told us to feel free to use it so long as we closed it when we were done. We didn't end up using it, but we wrote on one of the playing cards we had used as props:

"Thanks for being such a good sport :) - Sarah, Jonathan, Hannah."

It was amusing.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots:

Jonathan guarding our millions of junks while Hannah and I shoot. There was a lot of it!

Hannah looks like a modern day Audrey Hepburn as she plays around as we took five.

Jonathan removing the millions of bobby pins from hannah's hair...and Hannah totally looking like a little diva. She's not though, Jonathan was just telling us a really horrible story.

Jonathan and Hannah walking to La Vic's, both totally unphased by Hannah's appearance.

Hannah is such a good sport though...she didn't even mind sitting in La Vic's and eating with her asymmetrical eye make-up. And a La Vic's session is always necessary when we shoot in downtown San Jose. Jonathan had never been there and loved it (and how could he not?). Fortunately since we started so early, I got to go home early. I dropped jonathan off at the BART station at like 5 before going to target. It was refreshing as opposed to the time I came home from my last Hannah shoot.

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