Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Main Influences

As I keep doing this, I realize that my style is not completely self-taught - I have learned a lot about editing, photography, and fashion photography in particular from the beautiful photographs around me. Before, this meant the likes of Vogue, Elle (even good ol' ElleGirl), Nylon, etc. But when I first got into this, two photographers in particular stood out to me. As I wrapped up my eighth shoot last Friday (can you believe it has only been eight?), I realized these two people pretty much taught me everything I know about fashion and beauty photography.

My first and biggest influence is 19-year-old Lara Jade (official website/flickr). This photographer is so amazing - every image produces has a soft, beautiful quality too it. She does a bit of fantasy-fashion photography which has greatly affected me (as per my most recent photoshoot with Hannah and Jonathan), and is always trying to go outside the box and go beyond her own work. I think I have somewhat inherited this quality to my photos, and I look to her photos as pointers for composition, perspective, etc. I have studied her photos, in a way.

Lara Jade also has a very cool editing style, which I also think has influenced my editing style a lot.

The second photographer that has influenced me a lot is Dubai-based Asyha Abdulla (official website/flickr). Aysha is a little different in that her work primarily consists of beauty and portraiture rather than full-body fashion shots. Before I stumbled across her work, I had this idea that beauty/glamor photography was boring. But Aysha produces such amazing work that it became clear to me that taking a good beauty photograph is not stupid - in fact it takes a lot of skill and talent. I actually think that I have studied Aysha's work so much that beauty is now a stronger point for me than fashion...I would like them to be both strong points.

Thanks for teaching me everything I know about this, guys.

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