Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm currently in the planning phases of two new shoots, one with a model I have worked with before and absolutely adore, and another with a model visiting from another state until mid-December. I know i told myself I'd give myself a break after the Anamika shoot, but you know me...Besides, i really want to be doing paid tests for agency models by spring. I want to see some return. The weather has been crappy the past couple days, and yes, eventually, we're going to have to just have winter. The weather has been on my side for my last few shoots even as we have got into November. So we'll see. As much as my technique has developed, I still don't actually have that many photos to show agencies.

My laptop has been acting up which means I need an external...fast, because I would pretty much die if I lost all of my photos. I also need a leather portfolio and I need to register my domain name. I think I'm almost to the point where I need these things. These are going to be costly :(. And I also need new shoes because I am woman :).

On another, happy note, I am starting a part-time HR job after thanksgiving, which should help pay for the shoots, external, porfolio, prints, domain name and shoes, heheh.

Today A friend of mine introduced me to a band photography who I feel instantly in love with. Her name is Wendy Lynch, and she is just amazing. Band photography is something I'd really like to get into but have yet to find a band that would let me shoot them (I'd even do it for TFCD). It's neat because it can be very conceptual.

Here are a few photos of hers that I liked and found inspiring. All of these photos are property Wendy Lynch, and I do not own them.

Also, I've finally got into editing the second changes from both the Queen's Daughter shoot with Hannah and my shoot with Anamika.

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