Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And Coming Up Next...

I feel like I just wrapped up my shoot with Hannah, and now I am looking face-to-face with a shoot with gorgeous Indian model Anamika. We'll be working with a stylist, make-up artist, and I will have an assistant, making this my biggest team ever for a photoshoot. We're going to be doing something fun. You'll see.

The nice thing about having a stylist is that she saved me from having to do a lot more work. Hopefully these photos come out well. I'm portfolio has been building itself rather fast. I have started requesting pay from models that I don't have prior arrangement with, so far with no avail. I just cannot do TFCD anymore because it is costing me too much money in terms of preparation and gas. I really could use some money, and I think my photos have gotten good enough for me to ask for pay. The TFCD I do remains to be with people that voiced their interest while I was abroad in Egypt...besides the fact that they have first dibbs on me, I also appreciate them having believed in me before I started to get the little bit of attention I am getting. And I don't mind working with somewhat inexperienced models (totally inexperienced is a no). I like helping them, and if they give me good photos, they're helping me too.

Tomorrow I am going to scope out two places I have narrowed down as locations for our shoot on Friday. Wish me luck. Let's cross our fingers for some good weather on Friday as well.

I had a few problems with my film developing over at target for the Hannah shoot, so I took them somewhere else. Unfortunately, I won't get the images back until Saturday. Hopefully they will be up to par. The images I did get from target are sub-par, so I am going to have to go to target and argue with them. Hopefully they are more understanding than i think they will be and will just do it for free, because I'd rather not argue.

On this note, it's official. I am giving up film photography. Bye, bye malcolm-the-camera!

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