Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why Film is Better than Digital - RANT!

I just wanted to point out the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with shooting film.

Film grain does not really show unless you are SUPER blowing up a picture, and you would get an equally ugly effect if you SUPER blew up a photo from a digital camera if it wasn't very high megapixel. The advantage of shooting film is that they is no megapixel basically have infinite resolution! A great many people photoshop film grain into their digital photos to make them look "cool" and there is a whole class of digital photographers that own film cameras but rarely use them to seem "hip." Oh yes, here is a slew of digital photos and one Polaroid. I am so awesome blah blah.

I like the sound of the camera when I take a photo on my film camera. I like the feeling of (pleasant) surprise I get when I get my photos back. I absolutely ADORE the saturation present in my film is something you just can't get from a digital camera, no matter how much photoshopping you do.

Most importantly, I really feel like I am working when I am using a film camera. When I only had the film camera, I wished to have a digital camera. But I noticed that when I shoot digital (at least when I am shooting fashion digital), I take a lot more photos, but the photos aren't as good. With film, every photo has its weight. Besides the cost of developing and buying film, you also won't know what the photo looks like until it is developed. This forces you to really focus while shooting film, like paying attention to garmet movements, lighting, poses and composition. You only have one chance to do this (you are not going to get the same model, MUA and stylist and do the shoot over again if you blow it), so you have to pay attention. Thus, as opposed to shooting 200 photos and only liking 75, you can shoot 100 photos and like 75.

And the last note is that for the amount of experience I have and money I have, I think I do a lot better than a lot of photographers with much more experience and much more money. My choice of medium means nothing in the face of my skills and talents. And yes, I think I am talented. And yes, I intend to go damn far in this business.

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