Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome Back, Me!

Being home again does mean that I will be more free to photograph, and will soon be setting up TFCD sessions with lots of models...something I have missed a lot.

I consider this photo to be my official "Welcome Back!!" haha. My very first "fine art" photograph was taken when I was walking with a friend who was an avid photographer. He never left the house without his camera. Anyway, he received a phone call, so I began playing around with his camera. I stuck a flower in his fingers and photographed. It was a lovely picture, nicer than this one, albeit a little out of focus (I didn't know what a macro lens was back then).

Since, I have stopped being friends with this friend, even though I credit him for my interest in photography. The digital file of the photo was deleted and the only proof that it exists is the print on my wall.

Thus, I think this is a good note to start off at, again...I promise I won't make a habit of it though. Anyone who keeps up with my photostream knows I am not a fan of photographing flowers.

Sorry for this rambling.

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