Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Updates, updates and more inspiration

A few changes have been made in my upcoming photoshoot...the MUA bailed and I am now looking for a new one. I found a great professional to take her place but can only work at 1:00, so this means the shoot will have to be pushed earlier, meaning we would have as good lighting. If I recall, we started shooting with chesley at 1:30 p.m., so I am hoping this won't be too bad.

I am also in the works of planning an indie inspired shoot with another model. Fun, fun!!

On another note, I am totally in love with this simple picture of Feist. I am a fan of her music but not of her looks...still something about this photo is totally alluring. I am not sure who the photographer is, and normally i hate it when the photographer gets his shadow/reflection on the model, but here I really think it adds something to the photo.

This is a very famous photo of Kate Moss for the 2006 Pirelli Calender, cropping out her boobs, since this was a topless picture. It came out right after her coke scandal as part of her comeback. It's undeniably a striking photograph, and is actually part of what inspired my shoot with Hannah on Monday.

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