Monday, October 27, 2008

Skater Photography

Skaters Life, originally uploaded by J.H.C..

the skater, originally uploaded by pschmutz.

, originally uploaded by ekpa_ntan.

Skater, originally uploaded by Mayordomo [..i go on the moon..].

I have recently been missing other types of photography since I have only really been focusing on fashion since I got back in the country. I have never done any kind of sports photography, but I would really like to start photographing skaters. I have always been that one girl that hangs out with a bunch of skater boys, but never bothered to photograph them. Now I wish I seems like a lot of fun, and I like the more conceptual ones as well as the ones of them in motion. I want to get back into street portraits and candids as well.

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Shaz said...

oh i love these, they are captured so beautifully.