Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shoot tomorrow! Plus Hillbilly girl :)

I have a photoshoot tomorrow! This is very good thing, since it has been over a week since my photoshoot with Hannah and I was starting to get my antsy photo-itch again.

Tomorrow I will be working with Danielle, a 5'7" red-head of Irish, Japanese, Russian and Mexican descent. She's a new model, but I believe in working with underdeveloped models and helping them, especially since I think she has a great look that has not been properly captured yet.

We'll be working sans MUA and sans assistant sadly. The make up will be simple so it is not super important to have one, even though I did want one. It's nice having a friend around to hold things and whatnot, but again, it is not entirely necessary since we won't be doing a lot of walking and I can just leave things in my car. I wanted to purchase a fake reflector (just a cheap foamcore board), but I went to the location to check it out and there is actually a lot of shady spots, with means enough light for photos, but no unwanted shadows on the face. Hopefully this should not be a stress-intense shoot, like my last one kind of was, and the theme is very fun! You will hopefully see the photos tomorrow or the day after.

On another note, I think I found a cool location for a shoot, giving me that "abandoned building" look. It's a building on Angel Island that my friend Allison photographed a while back. Allison is an excellent photographer and loves urban exploration. She was actually my friend Jenny's roommate. I think these photos she took sum up the location. The problem is how would we get out there, considering I hate driving. And how would I find this abandoned building?

061023angel118, originally uploaded by Allison Ann.

061023angel215, originally uploaded by Allison Ann.

9-26-2006c-05, originally uploaded by Allison Ann.

9-26-2006b-08, originally uploaded by Allison Ann.

9-26-2006b-23, originally uploaded by Allison Ann.

On a totally personal note, this is pretty much what I want to be for halloween, which is sad since this girl was being totally serious. Her outfit is cute for a serious outfit too though:

This photo was taken by the Facehunter of an Australian girl in London. I probably would wear jeans instead of shorts because...well, I don't wear shorts!

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